Winter is Coming!

As much as some of us would prefer it weren’t so, the cooler weather is just around the corner. There are a few things you can do before the frost to ensure that you have a comfortable winter. Many of these things will also increase the efficiency and lifespan of your home or cottage’s infrastructure and make your property safer.

Fireplaces: clean and check for proper venting

Furnace: clean or replace the air filter; conduct an inspection and have the system cleaned

Humidifier: clean the humidifier and replace the evaporator pad

Bleed valves in hot water radiators: releasing the trapped air will encourage water flow

Air conditioners: remove window units; winterize outdoor units

Flush hot water tank: removes sediment; check the pressure relief valve

Outdoor faucets: close the indoor shut off, then bleed and leave outdoor valves open; store your water hoses indoors before they freeze

When it comes to preparing for winter, your plumbing system is much more fragile than the metal pipes might lead you to believe. Freezing water can expand and burst those pipes, leaving you with leaks and flooding. A bit of autumn maintenance can prevent many of those issues and leave you free to enjoy the crisp weather, knowing you have a warm home waiting. We are currently booking winterizing appointments and would appreciate the opportunity to be a fixture in your comfort.