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Check out some of our most recent plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and local renovation projects below.

Bathroom Renovation

We received a call to update this 1980s era washroom where space was an issue. After looking at the floor plan, it was decided to re-purpose part of a bedroom to facilitate the addition of a separate shower stall.


This gave the added bonus of creating a linen cupboard. By combining classic finishes with modern technology and fixtures, we were able to create an oasis that the customer could decorate to their liking. Features included in-floor heating, a heated towel rack, a heated toilet seat with built-in bidet and luxury faucets built in Canada.

Some after pictures of bathroom renovation


In order to make this project a success, we redesigned the entire layout of the bathroom which included moving a wall. Although this seemed extreme at first, the new floor plan resulted in greater space and better flow for both the bathroom and adjoining bedroom. In fact, the client decided to add a pocket door and made the washroom an en suite. By re-configuring the layout, we were also able to retain the antique door with transom window.

Boiler Update

In an effort to improve their buildings environmental footprint, a commercial business owner contacted us to update their heating boiler. The existing system was an oil-fired atmospheric boiler that was not cost-effective, nor environmentally friendly to run given the price of fuel oil and its subsequent emissions. The boiler was replaced with a modern, sealed boiler and the fuel system was converted to propane. This is a much cleaner fuel with minimal emissions. In order to prepare for the new fuel, we ran a Gas-Tite supply line, had a new propane tank dropped and installed the required regulator and shut-off valve. The boiler was then converted to propane using the manufacturers conversion kit.

Picture of a boiler

This boiler will increase the efficiency of the heating system from approx 75% to 95% and will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by greater than 50%. In addition, the client has the peace of mind knowing that the new boiler has a generous warranty and Fransky Mechanical will be serving it regularly to maintain optimum performance.