Preparing for the Holidays, Plumbing Style

The holiday season, complete with open house parties, fancy dinners and plenty of family visits, is just around the corner. It’s no coincidence that these busy times are also some of the busiest days for your plumber. Clearing clogged sinks and garbage disposals and dealing with the woes of insufficient hot water are as much a holiday tradition as turkey and cranberry sauce!

The holiday season can push some household plumbing systems to their limit. There is an increase in traffic – in the kitchen and in the bathrooms – from drop-in and overnight guests. A bit of preventative maintenance can prevent issues and leave you free to enjoy the season.

Garbage Disposals Aren’t Designed for Everything

While many homeowners enjoy the convenience of a garbage disposal, there is some kitchen waste that just doesn’t belong in there! Here are just a few to avoid:

  • Celery: this stringy vegetable can get wrapped around the blades and prevent proper functioning.
  • Potato peels: the starch from potato peels can quickly turn into a gummy paste with a bit of water.
  • Fat, grease and oil: it’s always better to keep these products out of the disposal – they can solidify around the blades.
  • Bones: turkey bones are simply too big and strong to be in the disposal.

Room for Everyone

The bathroom will be a busy place if you’re hosting guests. Before they arrive, you should take a peek inside the tank to make sure the flapper is in good working condition. It’s also a good idea to put a plunger in the bathroom, just in case!

If you have overnight guests, you may find that staggering showers at different times of the day will avoid outpacing the hot water heater. If you host larger groups more often, you might consider a tankless water heater. These energy-efficient units ensure you never run out of water due to on-demand heating.

Whether you need emergency help with a clogged disposal or want some help with pre-holiday maintenance, we’re here to help. We can even install a tankless water heater before Christmas, just let us know how we can be a fixture in your comfort.