Peterborough’s Home Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP)

The Clean Home Heating Initiative and the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus programs are coming to a close. These programs have been a great tool for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, home owners and landlords in the Peterborough area have fewer options for affordably reducing their carbon footprint. New insulation, air sealing, an Air Source Heat Pump, and solar panels are effective at reducing CO2 emissions. But these options can be priced out of reach for the average consumer. Just this week, the City of Peterborough and the Federal Government have announced a new program for the city. It will provide loans for homeowners in the Peterborough area for building improvements like an air source heat pump.

From Mechanical Business Magazine:

“The City of Peterborough, ON has received a $8.6-million investment from the federal government to launch its Home Energy Efficiency Program

The program offers homeowners and renters two loan choices, which can be used for home energy efficiency improvements including air sealing and insulation, and installing low emission heating such as heat pumps, and energy sources such as solar panels. The program will help an estimated 600 households retrofit their homes and is expected to result in a reduction in GHG emissions of 825 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The Home Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP) launches in the Fall of 2024. Go to to sign up for more information.

As we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know. You can contact us with any questions about heat pumps, high-efficiency boilers and furnaces, or any other home comfort questions.