House Check-up

As I get older, I’m constantly reminded of how much work it is to keep my body running, relatively, well. What used to be a pleasant walk in the woods has morphed into multi stage hike complete with warm ups, cool downs, water breaks and Tylenol. Your body needs maintenance, in the form of exercise, regular check ups, good food and sleep.

Your home systems are no different. All of them, including plumbing, heating, and air conditioning benefit from regular maintenance and a yearly check up. This is especially true if your house is more than 40 years old (like me). These older homes, which are very common in the Peterborough area, are magnets for dust, dirt, and moisture. Older plumbing systems collect debris in the pipes from animal activity, renovations and everyday life which can result in costly cleanups and repairs. Heat exchangers and cooling fins in your HVAC develop a skin of dirt and dust which compromises their efficiency and waste your money. Soot in the furnace stops the flame from burning cleanly, and small leaks in your AC will decrease the amount of cooling it provides.

A trained, licensed technician has the ability to identify and remedy these issues. A yearly check up visit provides the technician with the opportunity to give your home a full physical and correct small problems before they become big, expensive emergency calls. In the event that something unexpected is found, it gives you, the owner, the information needed to effectively plan a repair according to your schedule.

The peace of mind that comes from a clean bill of health cannot be underestimated. Let Fransky Mechanical take care of your home, so you can get on with being you.