A New Adventure

Sometimes, great opportunities come along and you have to take a chance.  A short while ago, we applied for a spot in the Peterborough Economic Development’s Starter Company Plus program.  It’s a program that combines a business school crash course with a Shark Tank-type pitch contest.  We go through five weeks of classes and then make a pitch for a grant.

Fast forward to today, we landed a spot and we’ve finished the first two weeks of classes.  We’re learning about market research, customer segments, and communication as they apply to writing a business plan.  Since I am a technician by training who has made the jump to owner, I am having to re-invent myself.  It is a struggle trying to incorporate all this new knowledge, and apply it to my approach to the business.  I am accustomed to seeing a problem and solving it.  The effects are immediate and gratifying.  Setting strategic goals and forecasting a business path is not something that comes easily to me, but at least I’m clean and dry.   We’ll beat this challenge!

This is a super exciting opportunity and has the potential to really boost our company.  Thanks to Peterborough Economic Development for this course and good luck to our classmates. Oh, and for those loyal clients that have been supporting us with market research and “Guinea pig” questions, we’re very grateful! #StarterCompanyPlus