Furnace & Boiler Maintenance

As the leaves begin to turn and the days grow cooler, it’s important to prepare your home for the (dare I say) winter. One of the top “to do” items is to make an appointment for an annual furnace or boiler maintenance check. A yearly cleaning and inspection of a heating system can guard against wear and tear, prevent deadly carbon monoxide from being circulated throughout the space and result in better performance over the long and cold winter months.

How does a heating system work?

Whether your system is oil- or gas-burning, the essentials are the same. In both, fuel is mixed with air and ignited which heats a sealed chamber. Fresh air then blows across the chamber and into heating ducts that run through the living or working space. Homes with radiators have boilers instead of furnaces. In these systems, water is used instead of air to circulate the warmth. In either case, dangerous exhaust from the combustion of fuel is vented out a flue or chimney.

Why bother with a maintenance call?

Rather than waiting for the system to break, it’s best to schedule an annual service check-up with a licenced service provider. A clean and adjusted system results in more reliable heat throughout the winter, can save you money of fuel costs and prolongs the life of the furnace or boiler. Service maintenance packages are inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of an emergency service call or the cost to replace a furnace or boiler. Just like the regular maintenance you probably plan for your car, annual check-ups are an important part of maintaining your mechanical systems.

Please contact Fransky Mechanical to book your annual heating service call today. We would be happy to provide a free estimate and look forward to helping you stay warm this winter.