Boiler Update

In an effort to improve their buildings environmental footprint, a commercial business owner contacted us to update their heating boiler. The existing system was an oil-fired atmospheric boiler that was not cost-effective, nor environmentally friendly to run given the price of fuel oil and its subsequent emissions. The boiler was replaced with a modern, sealed boiler and the fuel system was converted to propane. This is a much cleaner fuel with minimal emissions. In order to prepare for the new fuel, we ran a Gas-Tite supply line, had a new propane tank dropped and installed the required regulator and shut-off valve. The boiler was then converted to propane using the manufacturers conversion kit.

Picture of a boiler

This boiler will increase the efficiency of the heating system from approx 75% to 95% and will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by greater than 50%. In addition, the client has the peace of mind knowing that the new boiler has a generous warranty and Fransky Mechanical will be serving it regularly to maintain optimum performance.