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About trades, and you

Have you heard about the worker who took a deposit but never returned to actually complete the work? How about the hairstylist who dyed more skin than hair? Or the case of the handyperson who claimed he or she could do everything – plumbing, heating, air conditioning and more – but didn’t hold a single…

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Permits – Part 2

What Kind of Permit Do I Need? There are often multiple types of permits. These could include: building, plumbing, demolition, pool enclosure and electrical permits. The resources available through the municipal office will also often list the projects that don’t require any permits such as replacing flooring or painting. When it doubt, check to make…

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Permits – Part 1

Ah the excitement – a new building project or renovation is just about ready to start and you can already picture the beautiful results. You’ve checked and re-checked the plans and you’re ready, right? So what about a building permit? 

By law, most renovations require a building permit, especially if your plans include major changes…

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